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The History of AECURN

Established in 2013 during the Sydney SOAC conference, AECURN is a federated model which typically has 2-3 National Chairs and state representatives.

During its early years, AECURN was supported by the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (formerly led by Brendan Gleeson) and the Centre for Urban Research (led by Jago Dodson). Both MISSI and CUR have provided financial support to AECURN Victorian for events in the past.

Traditionally, the nomination of new AECURN chairs, takes place at SOAC. At every SOAC there is an AECURN AGM where new appointments are made. Usually the energy for these new appointments are generated at the PhD symposium. One of the challenges AECURN has faced in recent years is that it can be difficult to build connections with post-PhD ECRs who may see AECURN as a PhD community. Depending on where the current committee decides to take AECURN it might be able to strengthen those connections with recently graduated ECRs.

One of the National Chairs sits on the ACRN Committee and they actively participate in the discussions shaping the Australasian urban studies community.

The ARCN website can be found here:

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